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APL Engineered Materials Inc
APL Engineered Materials Inc


Urbana, IL, USA


APL Engineered Materials, Inc. is a specialty chemical manufacturing company based in Urbana, Illinois, with sales offices in Japan and China. Since its founding by Dr. Scott Anderson in 1944, APL has become well known for producing high-purity, moisture-free, and customized performance chemicals. APL serves a wide range of key markets including lighting, scintillation, nuclear, energy, displays, and specialty chemicals. Over its 75+ year history, APL has achieved many milestones, including developing a proprietary process to produce ultra-dry, high-purity lamp salts, which increased the efficiency and life of high-intensity discharge lamps. APL also introduced precision metal pieces for use in metal halide lamps, thermionic emission materials, and barium peroxide getters for HID lamps. In addition, APL has developed new products in the radiation detection market, including high-purity cesium iodide, thallium iodide, lanthanum bromide, cerium bromide, strontium iodide, europium iodide, and 6Li salts.

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